Friday Inspiration

Sometimes I need a little something to get me through the last day of the work week.

No. I am not talking about a liquid lunch at the local Wine Bar. I am a teacher for gosh sakes! (That isn’t to say that it never happened when I was an office worker though…)

I am talking about INSPIRATION.

In the past, by the end of the school year, I was useless on Fridays. The students were tired and bored, I was frustrated and exhausted, and the day would just draaaaaag. However, I would always have something planned for that evening - a yummy dinner, an exciting date, or a fun night out with friends – to get me through the day.

Now that I am back in work, I am remembering how exhausting Fridays can be. Knowing that I get to see Annabelle at 5pm when I arrive home is definitely motivation to get through the day… but it doesn’t help me with my desire to act like a lazy bum teacher. So what do I do? 

I look to my students – who SERIOUSLY LOVE SCHOOL for energy. And I turn to The Universe for guidance…


A little known secret concerning life in the jungles of time and space, Caitlin, is that however far you reach, you will go farther. However great your dreams, they will be grander. And however much you love, you will be loved much more.

We call it the Law of Increasing Returns.

Love you much more,
The Universe

Back in the day when I worked in a real office, a coworker told me about TUT Notes from the Universe. You can arrange to have “The Universe” email you a happy little note once a week (or maybe even a day!) on the Tut website. These notes are little reminders of your power, life’s magic, and how much you’re loved. They are pretty amazing and rather inspirational. Lately, when I am missing being a SAHM with Annabelle, I’ve been rereading some of my old notes. I think it really helps me get motivated to work hard, instill passion into my teaching lessons, and to be a great leader for my students.

How do you pump yourself up to make it through the week?

Confessions of a Working Mom

confessions of a working mom

I confess…It’s been three weeks since I went back to work and I definitely feel a whole lot different than I thought I would.

I confess… I like my job.

I confess… I feel guilty when Annabelle cries at baby school because I really do like my job.

I confess… I have been going to bed before 9pm every night since I started working again. Usually I go to sleep right after Annabelle…it’s pretty pathetic.

I confess… getting dressed every morning for the day  is kind of fun. I almost forgot I had so many cute items of clothing!

I confess… I haven’t washed my hair this many times a week in 8 months. When I was just a SAHM Mom I would go DAYS without washing – and not because I knew it was healthier to wash it less, but because I was lazy.

I confess… somehow my house is cleaner and I’ve made dinner more often since going back to work. Apparently having less free time gives me a less dirty house and homecooked meals.

I confess… working has me watching less t.v. and I kind of like it. I feel like less of a zombie.

I confess… the moments I spend with Annabelle at night and on the weekend mean SO much more to me now. Everyone told me that I would cherish our time together even more so, and I truly believe that I do. When we get home every evening, I chuck my phone to the side and give her my undivided attention until B gets home. Then the three of us play together until her bedtime. This is becoming my favorite part of the day. 


Where I Was Born Onesie

You always know it’s going to be a good day when you get a cute package in the mail from an Etsy shop owner! I was so excited when Ashley from From Ash With Love contacted me to ask if I, er Annabelle, would review a custom onesie from her new Etsy shop. We of course said YES and headed to her Etsy shop to check out her designs. Seeing that Annabelle is the only one in our family born in Georgia, we thought she should try out the Short Sleeved State Onesie with the heart right over where she was born.


My little Georgia peach loved her glitter state onesie – she stopped to touch (and try to lick) the glitter on her shirt about a billion times the first time she wore it. Mommy loved her glitter onesie too – especially paired with her kitty cat skirt.


The onesie is soft, comfortable, and easy to wash (inside out!). The snaps on the onesie button easily – unlike some onesies that seem to be made for someone who has a powerful snappy ability or something. We ordered a size 9 months so Annabelle could grow into it, and thankfully she has lots of room to spread out!

From Ash With Love is a fantastic little Etsy shop with tons to offer. Ashley loves to make custom onesies, but already has a great selection to choose from. In January of this year, a good friend of Ashley’s announced she was expecting.  When she finally found out what she was having in April, Ashley was thrilled to learn she was having a baby girl!  She decided she wanted to find the perfect gift, and scoured Etsy for a glittery onesie.  When she couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, she decided to make her own. After a little trial-and-error, her Etsy shop was born.


Ashley doesn’t have any babies of her own, but works in the NICU, so she knows the little ones like to be comfy. She usese Carter’s brand onesies  (MY FAV!) because they are good quality, lasting, and have a nice fit.  Also, since no one wants their babies eating glitter, she uses a sparkly vinyl! 

Ashley can be found on Instagram (@fromashwithlove), on Facebook (, and on Etsy ( Typically Instagram is the place to go for coupon codes and giveaways. Speaking of coupon codes, ANNABELLE will get you all 15% off through August. I am thinking Annabelle needs this adorable witch hat onesie for October…