Friday Favorites

one. family photos.

View More: to Solution Photographie for an amazing photo shoot!

two. Christmas cards ORDERED AND DELIVERED. Now they needs to be addressed…

After a ton of hemming and hawing over what to wear for our family photos, we received our prints, picked out our cards, placed our order, AND received the cards within a week. A special thanks to Tiny Prints for having the cutest cards around! Right now you can get 30% off your order with code: 30SWSALE.

three. invitations.

A invitationA HUGE shout out to my MIL Celeina for these adorable birthday invitations for Annabelle’s first birthday party. The theme is Winter ONEderland (isn’t everyone’s this year, haha) and I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for the big day. She is hosting the party and I heard there is a lot of pink, silver, and glitter involved. It’s less than a month away and I haven’t figured out what anyone is wearing…


10458802_10205015942699026_8565037440115092070_nThere are only a few hours left that stand between me and my NINE DAYS of freedom. I cannot wait to play with Annabelle 24/7.  I have never had a whole week off for Thanksgiving either, so I don’t know what I am going to do with myself. I CANNOT WAIT!

five. baby headband giveaways

Growing up Eloise 3Enter here to win three baby headbands from Growing Up Eloise. Giveaway ends on Black Friday!

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My Good Ole Saint Nick

Yesterday afternoon was pretty scary… I had one of those moments where I actually thought, “Something really bad is about to happen” and started saying some prayers…

My car had been making some weird sounds lately and we knew that it needed a new A/C compressor. I got off the highway at the exit where Annabelle goes to baby school and noticed there was a funny smell coming out of the heating vent. I figured it was just the stinky heat since it hasn’t been run that much this year.

Then I noticed there was smoke coming out of the vents. And my car was making a weird sound. And there was smoke coming out of the hood of my car. And people started honking at me. I thought my car was about to catch on fire.

I turned left on a red light and hoped a cop would see me in case I didn’t make it into the CVS parking lot next to Annabelle’s baby school. But I did. I gunned it down the hill towards the school and parked. I grabbed everything I could out of the car – because I am crazy and thought it was going to explode – and ran into the school.

I was shaking and flustered and all I kept thinking was, “Thank you God. Thank you for making me the only person in that car. Thank you for not having me in the middle of the highway. Thank you for helping me arrive to Annabelle’s school safely.”

Another thing I was thankful for… my husband. His relaxed demeanor and ability to calm me down in stressful situations really helped me to quickly get over the scary incident. If it weren’t for him, I probably would’ve been crying in the middle of baby school like a nutcase. Instead I thought of how I was safe and went in and hugged my little one. He picked Annabelle and I up and drove us home. We had my car towed and talked about how we would carpool the rest of the week.

Little did I know that my amazing husband has been working on the most exciting Christmas gift ever. For months he’s planned to surprise me Christmas morning with a brand new car (something I’ve never owned). Then we found out the a/c in my car wasn’t working, so he had to tell me he would get me a new car in the spring. Then this happened, so he had to tell me we would get a new car sooner than later.

I still didn’t know how long it would be until I had a new car. Last night he said he was going to Honda to talk to them about trading in my car and to discuss logistics about buying a car. All I knew was that I wanted something safe to drive Annabelle around in and my trusty old white car was no longer going to do the trick.

He came home around 9:30… and with a “Ho, ho ho, Merrrrry Christmas” delivered me keys to my very own brand new car.

Merry Christmas Car

And because there is nothing like an excited girl in the middle of the night photo… IMG_1600

Growing Up Eloise Giveaway

Every Momma who has a baby girl wants her to look like a Princess. Whether she is in a fluffy tutu, gorgeous headband, or just lots of pink, we want our little ladies looking magical. So imagine my excitement when Growing Up Eloise sent Annabelle a monogrammed Princess onesie and matching headband! The onesie has a princess crown applique with Annabelle’s monogrammed and is adorned with quite the cute little bow. Annabelle was lucky to get a matching headband with three color coordinated rosettes too! The onesie looks so cute with jeans, white/black leggings, or even pink pants! I could also envision it with a sparkly tutu… that would really make her look like a Princess!

Eloise 1Growing Up Eloise is a cute Etsy shop run by the talented Lauren Alexander. She started her shop after having a baby girl and it has helped her support her family after her husband lost his job. Hooray for successful women who are small business owners (my favorite!). You can see the attention to detail and her creativity in her designs. I just love love love Annabelle’s onesie! She sent size 12 month so I know my growing girl will be able to wear it for awhile. Growing up Eloise 2

Here is a little more about Lauren Alexander from Growing Up Eloise:

I live in Meridian, Idaho, with my husband of six years and my adorable two year old daughter. I have always loved art, design, and fashion. I would sketch gown/dress designs and interior design for hours when I was a teenager. I continued that passion into college where I studied art, and am still studying business. I was so excited to have my little girl; I would sew dresses and outfits and headbands and toys just for her. Friends and family loved my designs, but I didn’t consider doing a business until after my husband lost his job. This Etsy Shop has been such a joy to do during a hard time. I love getting custom orders, and I love designing new things. I also consult interior design for my friends. The ideas roll in everyday for something new. I love being a full time mom, wife, family manager and business owner/designer. 

Growing up Eloise 3

Would you like to win THREE baby headbands from Growing Up Eloise? Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below today and the winner will be announced on Black Friday. Good luck!

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