A Celebration is in Order

Hooray! It’s our last day of school! Unfortunately my summer doesn’t start until next Wednesday since teachers have a work-day next Tuesday, but I still feel like a celebration is in order!

Because I made it.

I made it through my first year at a new school.

I made it through first year as a Working Mom.

I made it through my last year as a first grade teacher.

I remember sobbing as I wrote A New Chapter last year on July 31st. It was my final day at home with Annabelle before returning to the world of education. I thought it was going to be SO difficult going back to work – but I actually fell back into the groove rather quickly. Sure, saying goodbye to my daughter every morning was tough in the beginning. So was pumping three times a day. Learning how to balance work life and mom life and regular life was challenging and there were days when I regretted going back to work.

But I did it.

And I am SO proud of myself.

This year couldn’t have went any better. My students were AMAZING and because of them – I fell in love with teaching again. Their parents were caring, friendly, and appreciative. I was blessed with an incredible administration and a loving faculty whom have become my family. Next week I’ll say so-long to my school and hello to summer!

Oh and next school year, I am embarking on a new journey called THIRD GRADE.

Summer fun vintage car. Legs showing from pink vintage retro car. Freedom, travel and vacation road trip concept lifestyle image with woman and copy space on blue sky.

Summer fun vintage car. Legs showing from pink vintage retro car. Freedom, travel and vacation road trip concept lifestyle image with woman and copy space on blue sky.

To the Moon and Back {and a giveaway}

Mattie Maes Laundry 6“Do you know how much we love you Annabelle?…to the moon and back. Infinity times.”

Every parent knows the love they feel for their child cannot be explained – its infinite and unconditional and consuming (in a good way of course). As a Mom, I’ve loved Annabelle since before I found out she was inside my belly. And when she was first laid upon my chest, I thought my heart would explode with joy. She is my everything – forever and always.

Mattie Maes Laundry 5When I am having a dark day, Annabelle’s smile shines a light so bright that I cannot help but feel the darkness fade. This week, my Grandpa was admitted into the ICU. He is sick, very very sick the doctors keep telling us, but no one knows what is going to happen. We are all playing the waiting game – praying for a recovery but secretly knowing our hopes may be a bit ambitious.

Yesterday I came home from work quite a mess. My heart was aching, I was homesick, and all I wanted to do was cry in my bed. But Mom duty called and I couldn’t let myself fall apart… Annabelle wanted to look for caterpillars outside, so we went on an adventure.

Mattie Maes Laundry 4Spending time with Annabelle is always the distraction I need when being a grown up gets hard. We laugh. We dance. We play together until its time for bed…and even when its time to lay her down, sometimes I just want to snuggle up beside her. She doesn’t know how cruel the world can be, so when I’m with her I like to pretend everything is going to be okay.

Mattie Maes Laundry 2Mattie Mae’s Laundry sent Annabelle and I the most adorable Mommy and Me raglan tee shirts. She surprised me with the design and imagine my joy when I saw the saying on Annabelle’s shirt, “to the moon and back.” My matching raglan tee states something SO obvious “I love my mini me.” The shirts are SO comfortable. They are v-necks (my favorite) with baseball tee style sleeves. You can tell each shirt is made with love and care. Mattie Mae’s Laundry specializes in handmade clothing and accessories for Moms and babies. Shopowner Becky loves to create custom designs and is so wonderful to work with!

Mattie Mae’s Laundry has offered to give away one Mommy and Me set to a lucky reader! The giveaway ends on May 30th at 7pm.

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It’s Almost Here…. Summer!!!

Mother's Day 3Five school days left and one teacher in-service day stand between me and SUMMER VACATION! I haven’t been this excited about a summer vacation in a loooonnnggg time. We have lots planned – two trips to CT, a trip to Ohio, our annual trip to Cape Cod – plus lots of family time. Annabelle and I will be able to join B for lunch every day we are home and we will have time to visit with A’s baby friends (and Mommy’s friends too).

Mother's Day 4There’ll be lots of bubble blowing… lots of dance parties… and backyard cookouts. We will go swimming and for long walks exploring the neighborhood and fly on a plane atleast 6 times. Bajillions of memories will be made. I feel like now that we have a little one, both B and I will appreciate our summers together even more than ever. Especially sprinkler wars with Annabelle…

Mother's Day 5