Happy Labor Day!

PicMonkey Collage

Isn’t it funny how life can change in a year? Last Labor Day, B and I were in Destin – Annabelle was in my belly – and we had just moved into our house. This year – we are in Tennessee – Annabelle is 8.5 months old – and we celebrated our one year anniversary of buying our house.

We brought Annabelle to Cracker Barrel for the first time yesterday. Even though she didn’t eat any of their delicious food, she had a great time. She loved all of the junk on the walls, the big ceiling fans, and being able to sit at the table like a big kid. Another first – she tried on the Halloween costume B’s Mom bought BEFORE we were even married. She had a good feeling about us. Annabelle wasn’t a fan of us laughing at her dressed like a little fat lion. She ripped the hat off rather quickly and only lasted in the fat suit for about 5 minutes. I don’t know if she will wear it for Halloween or not, for I have my eyes on a bunny costume from PBK.

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend! I know we sure did! Happy Labor Day.

Goodbye Dear Friends

I never thought I would be a cat lady – since I grew up with cats that only seemed to like my parents or siblings. Then we rescued Mcmuffin and my heart grew three sizes and I became Mcmuffin’s Mom.

Having my own pet changed my views on how people treat their furry friends as children. Mcmuffin became my son. I started understanding why my parents and in-laws hated leaving their animals at home while they went away and every time we have left Mcmuffin, he has someone to come visit him everyday. I let him do what he wants – I buy him toys – and I spoil him rotten with treats. He is Annabelle’s big brother and the four of us – we are quite the happy little family.

Mcmuffin traveled to Connecticut with us a few years ago for Thanksgiving. He met my parents’ pets, Sadie, Dolce, and Gwen. He also met my brother’s pets, Georgia and Howie. Of course Mcmuffin was a little turd – terrified of the animals – but they were all very nice towards him. Sadie and Howie didn’t give him any grief – just a little “Meow” to say “Hello.”


Last week my Mom had to say goodbye to her dear friend Sadie. She was her 16 year old baby – a beautiful black kitty whom she saved many years ago from the animal warden. Sadie loved the outdoors, had an extra toe on her paw for catching mice, and went by the nickname of “Beep Beep.” She liked to do push-ups on my Mom, snuggle on her lap while she worked, and always slept with her at night. Once in a blue moon Sadie would lay/sleep next to me, however, for the most part, she stayed close to my Mom. She was skittish and scared of everything! She sometimes let Dolce (my parent’s other cat) clean her and often visited my brother, Jesse, at his house next door. Sadly, she was very ill and had to go be with her other fur friend, Malcolm, in kitty heaven. My heart broke for my Momma – knowing how sad I would be if Muffin was sick and had to be put to sleep.


Then yesterday, something terrible happened. My brother’s family cat was hit by a car. I cannot even imagine the horror of finding my kitty dead in the road – which is the situation my sister in law found herself in yesterday morning. It was my nephews’ first day  of school and when they arrived home, excited to tell their parents about their day, they received the devastating news. Howie was an awesome kitty. He was on the small side, a little shy, but oh so sweet. On more than one occasion, he rubbed against my leg whenever I would visit, even though I was a stranger to him. He had a black shiny coat and smooth smart eyes. He liked to play and bounce around the house. He loved his family and liked to cuddle. He was an amazing family pet.

It saddens me so, that my family has each lost their beloved kitty cats so suddenly. Losing a pet is never easy – and only people with their own pets can truly understand how hard it is to have to say goodbye. Today I am thinking of my Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law, and two nephews. I am praying their kitties are playing together in the sky above, eating lots of treats, and frolicking in a garden of cat nip. Rest in peace Sadie Beep Beep and Howie. We will never forget you!

Cousin Love


IMG_1460My brother, sister in law, and two nephews were driving home to Connecticut from Disney World on Saturday and stopped in to spend the night with us. This was the first time they’ve been to our house, and the first time that we all hung out just the 7 of us. Not that I don’t love when my whole family gets together, but this was NEW and exciting and fun. It was also depressing… I realized when they drove away Sunday morning that we may never get to do this again.

Living 900 miles away from my family in Connecticut is so hard sometimes. We only see each other a handful of times a year and it’s visits like this one that make it sting. We had the best time together – laughing almost nonstop. I wish we could have dinner together once a week, instead of once every four months. 

My nephews are obsessed with Annabelle and it SUCKS that they don’t get to play together all the time. I grew up playing with my cousins on a daily basis. We were always at one another’s house, and often had sleepovers on the weekends. It makes me so sad that poor little Finn, Ian, and Annabelle will probably never have this opportunity that I was so fortunate to have.

But that’s life. We made the decision to live in Georgia – where we are fortunate to have an amazing new house and fantastic jobs. Granted my family is a plane ride away – and half of B’s family is a 4 hour drive away – we are blessed to have B’s other half in the next town over.

I truly believe that the distance between my little family in Georgia and my big family in Connecticut is just a number of miles. When we are together – we make the best of every second we have. I feel our gatherings are more memorable than they would ever be if we saw each other once a week. For this, I am grateful.

Do you live in the same state as your family?