Friday Things

one. Tax Free Weekend


If you live in Georgia then you know today is the first day of Tax Free weekend to kick off the school year! Annabelle and I are meeting our friends Kim and Lia at the outlets this morning. The Mommas are on a hunt for some new teachers clothes and Annabelle needs shoes for baby school. Are you shopping tax free this weekend?

two. flowers



I wish I had my parents gardening skills. Ever since I can remember, they’ve always had the most beautiful backyard. I, however, have a black thumb, and whatever I plant dies within a week. I hope that someday I can figure out the world of flowers and maybe have some of my own… but for now, I shall stick with swooning over theirs.

three. bff gf meet ups while on vacationIMG_7445Annabelle was super excited for Auntie Momo to come visit us in Cape Cod last week! My friendship with Melissa is unique since we only get to see each other a few times a year. It doesn’t matter how far apart our visits are though, every time we are together it’s like we had never been apart. Hopefully in the next few years she and her hubs will start growing their family and Annabelle will have a playmate!

four. down to one nursing session. 

Remember that time I said I was weaning Annabelle? Yah… well I couldn’t do it completely. I still nursed her morning and night until three days ago. Now we are down to one nightly session and she is not too pleased. Every morning she clearly requests to “Nurse” but I have to tell her we can only do it when its dark outside. She gets over it quickly if I distract her with food or dancing. I decided to drop the morning nursing session because it is actually inconvenient when we are trying to get her out the door by 6:15am for baby school during the week. Wish us luck come Monday!

five. Who’s Boss?


I have a whole blog post coming up about this… but this week has been spent trying to show Annabelle who’s boss. ME. DADDY. That’s who is boss. Not Annabelle. It’s hard… SO HARD… because we have a smart, sassy, independent but clingy toddler on our hands. She wants to do things on her own terms and sometimes that is just impossible. Anyone have a bossy toddler?

Top 5 Places to Visit in Cape Cod

Cape Cod map

Cape Cod will always hold a very special place in my heart. It’s where my Grandma’s ashes were scattered, where my husband proposed, and where I have been going every summer with my family for the last 10 years. We are creatures of habit, so we often stay in the same town and visit the same beaches. We love to cook dinners at home, but make a point of going out to eat at least once a week. Considering how much time I’ve spent on the Cape, I have not seen as much as I would like! But, a few friends have asked for a list of my favorite places to go and I thought I’d share them in case you ever make your way up North.

wellfleet hatch's fish market

1. Wellfleet Town Center – Hands down my favorite place to go for groceries! Whether you stop by Hatch’s Fish Market for lobster and little necks, or Hatch’s Produce Market for romaine and cucumber, or Wellfleet Marketplace for fresh bread, you’re going to find the freshest, tastiest items on the Cape.

The Beachcomber

2. The Beachcomber – There are a few different reasons why I love The Beachcomber. 1. The food is delicious (try their clam chowder!). 2. Drinks are tasty. 3. The location is amazing – it’s located in an old Lifeguard house at the top of the beach. You have to walk down a steep dune to reach the beach, but it’s worth the walk! Oh and number 4 – it’s where B proposed in August 2008.

Mac's Shack


3. Mac’s Seafood – About four years ago my Mom, Dad, and I were wandering through Wellfleet looking for a place to eat dinner. We strolled up to Mac’s Shack and left raving about the best seafood we have ever had! The atmosphere at Mac’s Shack is fabulous – outdoor raw bar and cocktail bar set on top of a white shell floor alongside the Marsh.


If you are looking for  a quick lunch or dinner, check out Mac’s on the Pier down the street. I ate their cold lobster roll and fried clam strips last week. SO good. Plus, its BYOB and you can sit right on the water at a picnic table with friends or family.



4. Provincetown – My Dad and Mom brought me and my sister to P-town when we were too young to remember the trip today. Apparently my 3 year old sister ordered herself a full lobster though. We make a point to visit P-Town at least once during our vacation. One year we were there for Carnival and they had a parade, live music, and fairies face painting throughout the streets. This year we found a great shop for children called Kidstuff, where I purchased the cutest onesie for Annabelle, a Peppa the Pig, and “Hello, Cape Cod!” book. You’ll find so many different restaurants, shops, ice cream parlors, and interesting people in Ptown, so I definitely recommend a day trip! If you’re feeling adventurous, hike the Pilgrim Monument or take a historic walking tour. You must eat at the Patio, where they have $1 shrimp, meatballs, and more during happy hour, and grab a cocktail at Pepes Wharf, which has the best view of the harbor!

Truro Vineyards

5. Truro Vineyards – Truro Vineyard wine is delish. I know this because I bought a few bottles at the package store. Sadly, I have not yet made my way over to the vineyard! My cousin has been and she brought her family there for a nice afternoon. You can take a tour of the vineyard, do a wine tasting, or just enjoy their wine at a picnic table and relax. I’ve driven by it a million times and it looks so fun. However, being that my family is obsessed with the beach, we spend most of our free time in the sand.

More Activities: There are countless ways to have fun on Cape Cod. My cousins took their children on a Cape Cod Pirate Adventure in Hyannis that they said was a blast! My brother and sister in law have explored numerous Cape Cod Walking Trails with my nephews and even rented bikes for a few of their day trips. We normally cook our own breakfast, but sometimes find ourselves at Hole in One in Eastham for the most incredible selection of fresh donuts, bagels, and sweet treats.

Favorite Beaches: Cooks Brook Beach for low tide fun and the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen. Marconi Beach for waves and incredible sand dunes. Race Point Beach for seals and lots of space (its normally not crowded).

On to the Next One



All good things must come to an end and my summer is officially over this Sunday. Ahhh is it bad that it actually feels good knowing I’m settling back into my working routine next week? Monday I go back to work and Annabelle goes back to baby school. A part of me is sad to say goodbye to my freedom, but the other part is excited for what this school year has in store for me. I will be teaching third grade in my school’s brand new building alongside one of my closest friends here in Georgia. Annabelle has grown so much over the last two months and I know that she will blossom even more in her new class at baby school. And B – he has been working his butt off this summer! He joined us in Florida and Cape Cod, but there were many adventures he missed. I hope to see his hard work pay off and his business flourish this Fall.

Our trip to Cape Cod was just as wonderful as we had all imagined. We laughed nonstop, ate the most delicious food, and made countless memories. The weather could not have been any better and even though the bugs were pretty gross at night, we had a fire pit in the yard to keep them away. I am so fortunate to have been able to spend a full week in my favorite place with my favorite people. I miss my Connecticut crew SO much already, but knowing we are headed back in September for a long weekend eases the heartache.

I’ve neglected my little blog, but hope you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook this summer. Once I am back to the normal grind of life as a wife, mommy and teacher, my blog posts will be more regularly scheduled.