The Mint Tree

The Mint TreeWith Black Friday quickly approaching, it’s so important for us to remember to always support to small businesses! The Mint Tree is a shop on Etsy that I absolutely adore. “Why?” you may wonder. Well, Alicia is the mother of two sweet babies, Rosalyn (2.5 years old) and Knox (7 months old) and lives in Ontario, Canada. Moms who use their talents to support to their families are my favorite. The Mint Tree is a showcase of her incredible sewing talent.Alicia sent me some of her wonderful handmade items to try out!

The Mint Tree 2Annabelle’s Stuff – Traveling in Style

I am using my snack bag this weekend to store all of Annabelle’s medicine/vitamins for our Thanksgiving trip! There is nothing worse than putting sticky items in a cloth bag OR having to use a ziploc that shows all the grossness. On regular days, my sandwich and snack bag are PERFECT for toting lunch items to school.

Sandwich and Snack Bags

-Water Resistant (not waterproof!) so they are great for things like dry snacks/food, and cut fruit and veggies.
-They will keep food fresh for 6-8 hours.
-To clean them you can either pop them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry (flip inside out and only wash on cold. DO NOT dry) or simple flip inside out and wash with your dishes – I wash mine with the dishes on a regular basis.
The Mint Tree 3What better way to spruce up your ugly coffee mug that with a Coffee Cozy?!
-Reversible, matches your snack/sandwich bags to give you a nice complete set look
-The elastic means a tight hold on any cup, with the ability to squeeze it onto a larger cup if needed.
The Mint Tree 4How many times have you accidentally shut the nursery room door a little too hard?
This door silencer has been a LIFE SAVER in our house. We usually keep her door slightly ajar at night, but sometimes the a/c or heat kicks on, and there a little burst of air in her room, and the door SLAMS! Or Muffin just so happens to be on the inside of the bedroom and karate kicks the door shut and BOOM, baby is awake. The Door Silencer takes away all the sound – I swear it!
-Simply hook it onto the door handles (padded part goes around the latch) to provide a quiet escape after putting Annabelle to bed.
The Mint Tree 5Not only are these absolutely adorable, but they look so much cuter on my wrist than a ratty brown elastic band! The hair ties are STRONG and hold back my curly locks. They are also great to have in Annabelle’s diaper bag for emergencies.
-Being a mommy is much easier when your hair is out of your face!
-If you find they do not fit around your hair perfectly (so if it’s too loose going around twice, but won’t go around 3 times) simply undo the knot and adjust it to your needs!
The Mint Tree is truly a product of Alicia’s hard work and talents. Alicia’s Mom taught her how to sew before she could barely walk, so it’s something she has been doing her whole life. She really got into it when she was pregnant with Rosalyn though. She started to sew Crib Rail Guards and Portable High Chairs when Rosalyn was 8 months old, and her shop has expanded vastly since then to meet the needs of her fans and customers. She loves to feature modern, bright fabrics, but any of her products can be made in ANY fabric. Now that’s customer service! Follow The Mint Tree on Facebook for daily updates and new product information.
There is also a giveaway on Facebook that ends Friday. AND for all my special readers, use code: CONFES14 for 15% off good until December 31st!

What A World

This morning I woke up to news filled with videos of what I can only describe as hate. Hate fueled by anger over what some may call perceived, but others may just simply say is an injustice, and feelings of inequality. I am not going to post my thoughts and feelings about what happened last night… I don’t believe that my blog is the place… but I will talk about how I can only hope and pray that my daughter will never know the hatred of these situations. I pray we come to a place where such atrocities will no longer occur.

Annabelle is just so innocent. The scariest anomaly in her life is the vacuum cleaner. It makes loud noises and she doesn’t understand it. Her current aspiration is to not get caught putting a sock in the toilet. She doesn’t know anything about monsters or scary shadows in the night. Violence does not exist in her world. Hate is a feeling she has never felt.  “Hate …it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.- Maya Angelou.”

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Friday Favorites

one. family photos.

View More: to Solution Photographie for an amazing photo shoot!

two. Christmas cards ORDERED AND DELIVERED. Now they needs to be addressed…

After a ton of hemming and hawing over what to wear for our family photos, we received our prints, picked out our cards, placed our order, AND received the cards within a week. A special thanks to Tiny Prints for having the cutest cards around! Right now you can get 30% off your order with code: 30SWSALE.

three. invitations.

A invitationA HUGE shout out to my MIL Celeina for these adorable birthday invitations for Annabelle’s first birthday party. The theme is Winter ONEderland (isn’t everyone’s this year, haha) and I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for the big day. She is hosting the party and I heard there is a lot of pink, silver, and glitter involved. It’s less than a month away and I haven’t figured out what anyone is wearing…


10458802_10205015942699026_8565037440115092070_nThere are only a few hours left that stand between me and my NINE DAYS of freedom. I cannot wait to play with Annabelle 24/7.  I have never had a whole week off for Thanksgiving either, so I don’t know what I am going to do with myself. I CANNOT WAIT!

five. baby headband giveaways

Growing up Eloise 3Enter here to win three baby headbands from Growing Up Eloise. Giveaway ends on Black Friday!

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