Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Granted Georgia has still yet to embrace to what I believe is REAL Fall weather (temps below 70), it is getting a little chilly around these parts in the mornings. I learned this weekend that Annabelle has grown out of almost ALL of the clothes in her closet. I swear her legs get longer every day. I bought her a couple of things at Target this weekend – but the Chico brand shrinks after a few washes, so I know they won’t last very long. Thankfully each item is only $5 a piece…
I headed to the internet to do some cyber shopping – but can’t pull the trigger on any of the clothes in my shopping carts. Baby Gap, H&M, Carters, Nordstrom… they are all fabulous stores but some of the pieces I’ve found are not worth the $30 price tag considering how quickly she grows out of things.
Annabelle and I are going to check to Kid 2 Kid, a kid’s consignment shop, this afternoon to check out their cold weather clothes. If I can’t find what I am looking for (sweaters, cardigans, warm leggings), then Momma is biting the bullet and spending her monies on these beauties below.
Cold Weather Sweaters and Leggings for Babies

If you have a little one, where do you like to buy his/her clothing?

If you do spend lots…how do you justify spending $30 on a long sleeved shirt when the babies grow so fast?

One of those weekends…

Ugh. Monday. Sometimes I loathe you for coming so quickly. This past weekend was one of those weekends that I didn’t want to end.


Friday night B and I went to Chateau Elan in Georgia for our anniversary. We spent our first night away from Annabelle, all alone, and had the best. time. ever. Of course we missed Annabelle, but I was able to relax and enjoy being a wife – not a Mommy – for the first time in 10 months.


I felt like B and I were young lovebirds again. It was so amazing to be alone because we could just focus on each other. I feel like this weekend we really had a chance to be B & C, and not Mom and Dad. We talked about our future, we talked about the past, and of course we talked about Annabelle. We laughed so hard about everything, tried to sneak into the pool after hours, and pranced around our hotel room in our bathrobes with big glasses of champagne like we were a king and queen.

If you live anywhere near Georgia and are looking for someplace romantical and fun for a getaway with your lovey – or even for a girls weekend – definitely look into Chateau Elan. We will be going back soon!


We picked up Annabelle early Saturday morning from my in-laws and headed to the pumpkin patch. We had fun picking a pumpkin – which we have yet to carve- and visiting with the animals again. This time she wasn’t so scared of the cows and goats. She was, however, a little bit sleepy so she didn’t feel like posing for pictures.




Saturday night I made pizzas and we hung out at home. I wish I took a picture of her with the vegan pizza I made us… she went to town on the olives, red peppers, and dairy free cheese! She made it very hard for me to eat a piece since she stood at my lap and demanded bite after bite. It was adorable though.

1891208_10204813365474722_1254244720400777368_nSunday we went to the park for the first time. She LOVED the swings. The rest of the playground toys were too big for her. We attempted the slide, but I think I had more fun than she did!


Then we went home and played all day long together. It was such a beautiful day – one of those days that you just look at the blue sky while the wind blows against your face and thank God that you’re alive.

10622734_10204813672322393_1912410663100459682_nHere’s to hoping I have a million more weekends like the one I just had. Happy Monday everyone!




The Story of Us

Cruise 2003

Once upon a time, ten and a half years ago to be exact, a girl met a boy on a cruise. She was from Connecticut – he was from Tennessee. She thought he was handsome – he thought she was cute. They spent six wonderful days getting to know one another and by the end of the cruise – they were inseparable. They sadly hugged goodbye, a few tears were shed on the plane ride home (by her), and the two hoped it wasn’t the last time they’d see each other.

A year later they met again at the beach. When she first saw him, she was overcome with emotion – giddy, happy, excited – her heart skipped a few beats. Another week was spent hand-in-hand, side-by-side, and when it was time to say, “Farewell,” neither could be the first to say it. Their friends and family on the trip knew… they knew that these two were meant to be. Funny how they knew so long ago…

Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones on Grooveshark

He said this song was their song…

She planned to fly to Tennessee a month later – and she went. Their first official date was to Olive Garden because everything else was closed on campus after they spent way too many hours laughing in his dorm room together. He drove her to Georgia meet one set of parents – and took her to dinner with the other set of parents – because he thought she was something special. After their long weekend together, she cried a little bit harder boarding the plane home. He made her smile when he booked a trip to Connecticut to visit her the next month. During his visit, they went to a Red Sox game, she took him to meet all of her family and friends – the most important people in her life – and on May 10, 2005, they became “official.” Officially boyfriend and girlfriend. On July 24, 2005, he told her he loved her. She told him he had her heart forever.

Of course their love was new – and young – but they would date long distance for the next year and a half. It was hard to be apart. They saw each other once a month though – and the distance made their relationship oh-so-strong. She decided to transfer to his school. Going to the same school was tough at first…getting used to being around each other all the time was difficult… but they adjusted. And their relationship blossomed into something unbreakable. A few years later, they graduated and moved in together.

Just a month after they signed their first lease, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. They were at one of their favorite vacation spots with her family, in the place where her Grandmother’s ashes had been spread, and the date was August 16, 2008. It thundered and hailed on the beach after he proposed – almost as if her Grandmother in heaven was throwing them the grandest of celebrations. Here is their proposal story.


On October 17, 2009, they were married in Destin, Florida. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Wedding Reception from Amy Allender on Vimeo.

Over the last five years, our lives have changed so much. We’ve moved too many times to count, we bought our first house, we had deaths in our families, we lost our jobs, we got new jobs, and we had a birth. The birth of our daughter Annabelle. While it seemed that our lives were perfect together, we didn’t know what we were missing until she was born. Annabelle is a symbol of our love. She is our everything under the sun, moon, and stars.



Our lives are complete with her in it and our story – well it’s still being written.