Oh Hey Friday

1. Oh hey Fall weather!

It’s finally not 800 degrees here in Georgia. After I made the mistake of wearing jeans with a long sleeve shirt during recess duty last Friday, and almost dying of heat stroke, I was ready to call Fall to bribe it’s sweet beautiful self to come early. Thankfully I didn’t have to harrass Mr. F and he came on his own. As you can see, Annabelle is SO excited to wear her new “A” dress with a long sleeved shirt. Officially Fall isn’t here until next week, but you know what I mean. 

2. Oh hey Stinkface!


This girl… she makes me crazy by screaming for no reason at 3:30 in the morning… and biting me while nursing… but I LOVE HER! And that stinkface is spectacular. She has it down so good now… even does a little sniffy sniff with it.
Headband by Sarah Stripling of The Little Anchor Shop – look for a post about her headbands next week!

3. Oh hey TEETH. 

So it happened… Annabelle bit me… while she was nursing. Technically it happened for the first time last week, but she didn’t draw blood. So I didn’t count it. Last night though, she cut my poor lady part open and OMG did it hurt. I yelled and she pulled away and looked at me like, “What? I’m eating here.” But she wasn’t eating, so we had a little chat about biting and I told her if she does it again she isn’t allowed to play with Mcmuffin for a week.

4. Oh hey TOMS booties. You’re just perfect for Fall. 

I’ve never been a fan of TOMS because I think they make me look like a duck…but when I saw their new Bootie line I decided I might give them another try. My MIL bought me these for my birthday and they should be on my doorstep any day now. Here are some more of my favorite Fall shoes!

5. Oh hey FRIDAY!


Yah, today is going to get it’s own shoutout. This week has been a rough one. Annabelle hasn’t been sleeping at night and that makes for very long school days. Last night she decided to grace us with a 7 hour stretch of sleepytime, so today I feel like a new woman (even though I did wake 3 times to make sure she was alive). Tonight we have her 9 month checkup and then we’ll hopefully have a little family dinner date out somewhere in town. Tomorrow…hayrides and petting zoo!

Happy Friday friends!

My Favorite Fall Shoes

Fall Shoes


I am not a fan of heels… not in the Summer, not in the Winter, and especially not in the Fall. I don’t know if it is because heels hurt my heels (literally), or if because I kind of prefer to be short, or perhaps it could be all those times I fell off my heels during a night out in college…. but I just do not like to wear them. Also, now that I am a Momma and a teacher, I don’t really have many opportunities to put on my sassy stilettos.
NOW, a wedge… I will wear a wedge. I feel safe in a wedge. And flats are my bff. With that being said, here are my favorite shoes for this Fall! I may or may not be getting the wedges and green flats for my birthday… 
What are your favorite shoes for this Fall?