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{THIS WEEK} I learned…

YLEO Allergy Trio

YLEO Allergy Trio

  • Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint Essential Oils are a great blend for allergies. I put three drops of each in a vegetable capsule, take it in the morning, and the headache and sore throat I wake up with disappear quickly. Do you use essential oils?
  • Night weaning is not an easy task. Last night I didn’t go in when she cried at 1am and she fell back to sleep after a little bit of crying. She didn’t nurse all night long! Thanks to all the Moms for your advice yesterday! If you’re still looking for help with night weaning, here is a great article a friend recommended called “How I Night-Weaned in 7 Days” by Lacie Rader.

{THIS WEEK} Annabelle

BFF planning an escape to the backyard

BFF planning an escape to the backyard

  • Ever since Annabelle started sleeping in her crib at night, we have incorporated turning on the sound machine as a part of our bedtime routine. I say, “It’s night night time” and turn on the machine before we sit in the rocker to read a book/nurse. This week Annabelle walked over to the sound machine and said, “Night night” and tried to turn it on. It was precious!!
  • Last week we made a list of all the words Annabelle can say with a purpose and were amazed… I swear she adds a new word to her vocabulary every other day! I can’t remember them all, but here are those on the top of my head (in no particular order): Mama, Dada, dog, booboo, night night, Noni (Naw), Nana, Coco, Pop, cookie, please, nose, No, Yes, byebye, bird, peanut butter (a jumbled version), juice, shoes, there, socks, tree, bubbles, tubby, bunny (bun), home

{THIS WEEK} I wrote…

How was your week?

Questions for Moms

Annabelle hugging legs March 14 15

But Mommy really doesn’t have all the answers…

Recently I noticed that the posts on my blog make it seem as if I have all the answers about being a Mom and having a baby. Truth is (and you shouldn’t be surprised) that I don’t know it all. A lot of what I post comes from experience or research… trial and error… or advice from other Moms. I belong to a few Facebook groups that I often reach out to when I am in need of some help. Today I decided that it’s time for me to reach out to YOU. If you’re a Mom, or even a childcare provider, maybe you can help!

Weaning – I am trying to get Aunt Flo back into my life… and the only way for that to become possible is for me to cut back on breastfeeding. Prolactin is the hormone that allows my body to produce milk and also keeps my period away. I cut back on pumping during the day, but now Annabelle just wants to nurse in the middle of the night. If I refuse, we have an epic meltdown that lasts for an hour (and we never let her cry for that long).

My question for you is: How do I get my 15 month old to stop nursing in the middle of the night?

Eating – Annabelle has the most confusing eating habits. Sometimes she wants to eat, eat, eat all day long. Other times she doesn’t want anything to do with food. Any ideas on her inconsistent appetite?

Tantrums – My sweet little Princess is notorious for throwing fits when she doesn’t get her way. Lately I have noticed how she has more and more control over her tantrums. Sometimes we can snap her out of it with the mention of something she loves (going outside), but other times she just rolls back and forth on the floor wailing. How do you handle toddler tantrums?

Television – Does your toddler watch tv? Annabelle has never shown interest in television until recently. She LOVES Sesame Street – not the whole show, but anytime Elmo or The Count comes on to sing and dance. I know that Sesame Street isn’t the worst thing she can watch, but I worry about her watching television since most studies say that children shouldn’t watch it until they are 2. And then their tv time should be limited. Do you think a little tv is okay for a 1 1/2 year old?

I would love some advice!

On Being a Mom and a Teacher

1399710_10202270120135178_1083430977_oWhen I found out I was going to have a baby, I had no idea how parenthood would change my outlook on not just life, but on being a teacher as well. Being a Mom definitely shapes my views on being a teacher.

Upon entering the classroom in August (after more than a year off), I suddenly realized I was looking at my students in a new way. They were no longer just little girls and boys who would come to me to learn every day for 10 month, they were now someone’s child whose future was in my hands. Not only would the children look to me for guidance, but the parents would turn to me as well. It’s funny that these thoughts had crossed my mind numerous times as a teacher, but I never felt them resonate in my heart.

The way I speak to my students has changed drastically. I have been known to raise my voice in the classroom – it was how I thought you got a child to listen. Now that I have my own little girl, I realize yelling isn’t the appropriate way to garner a child’s full attention. You speak with authority, but in a calm way. You must gain a child’s respect by showing he/she they can trust you. Be nice, but be firm, and always stick to a routine. Consistency is key.

My relationships with student’s parents have transformed completely. I suddenly understood why parents would obsess over their child’s progress with reading, or show up unannounced to talk about an incident that happened at school. Annabelle is only 15 months old and I am always asking for updates from her baby school teachers. It’s easier to put myself in a parent’s shoes. I feel like I can relate with the Mom who worries about her son’s low self esteem or the Dad who would do anything to make sure his daughter has the best education possible. These parents were no longer “nagging” me when they called me or emailed me after school hours because I want to give them the time and respect I hope to receive from my daughter’s educators. I value the strong ties in regards to communication I have developed with my student’s parents.

Annabelle and I March 2015Being a teacher has shaped my views on parenting. Annabelle is both lucky and unlucky for having a Mom who is a teacher because I will always look at her education with a magnifying glass. Not to mention the fact that I will be reflecting a lot on myself… Four years on the job and I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen helicopter parents and I’ve seen absent parents. I’ve seen children who come from strict homes and children who run the show. I’ve seen the effects of verbal and physical abuse on a child. I’ve seen the effects of neglect. I’ve also seen the effects of what love, care, and countless hugs can do for a child’s self esteem. I’ve seen how children are a product of their parents and it makes me want to be the best parent I can be.

Are you a Teacher Parent? If so, how has it impacted your life?