Friday Things


…depressed Parenthood is over. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but tonight I had a feeling I will be sobbing into my glass of wine.
…relieved my ultrasound came back negative after the doctor found a lump in my breast. She noticed it when I went in last week for Mastitis and since it’s better to be safe than sorry, sent me in for a little test.
…exhausted…too tired to even enjoy a glass of wine yesterday after receiving the great news about the lump. All the sickness in my house has worn me out.


…Orange is the New Black starts up again this summer (source).
…All Natural Cocktail mixes rock. Check out Fresh Bev’s Ripe Bar Juice Collection. My fav is the Bloody Mary!
…I cannot eat turkey bacon or sausage anymore. My relationship with the two was short lived…
…you can leave a group conversation on iChat. Bye Felicia.


IMG_4459…decided she does not like to be dirty. She hates tiny fuzz on her socks. She despises a piece of food on her shirt. She is OCD and she is definitely my daughter.
started repeating words we ask her to say. “Dada” “Mama” “Baby” Baba” “Muffin” “Insert anything here”…showed us she can identify animals in her favorite book
…threw a 20 minute tantrum because she couldn’t play with something dangerous
…peed all over the floor during naked time AFTER her bath. B was not pleased, but I thought it was hilarious.

Tell me some of your Friday Things…

Breastfeeding and Dairy Free

Dairy Free Recipes and SnacksIt has been almost 10 months since I went dairy free for Annabelle and I’m not going to lie… I MISS CHEESE. I have found alternatives – like Daiya cheese – but it just isn’t the same. Sometimes I just want to eat a whole block of cheese, but then I think back on the side effects of dairy in my own system.

I tried to incorporate a little bit of dairy in my diet once in the form of “non-dairy creamer.” I just couldn’t resist the Sweet Cream creamer I bought for my husband. Let me tell you – Momma doesn’t need Sweet Creamed coffee that bad. My stomach reacted terribly. It was like being 3 months pregnant all over again, acid reflux and nausea, without actually being pregnant. 

Since I took the Moo out of my diet, I’ve found some tasty treats to satisfy all my cravings… I know that many women have to go dairy free when their baby is allergic to dairy too, so I thought I would share my findings.

My go-to for sweets: Annie’s Bunny Grahams (Snickerdoodle and Vanilla are my favorite!), Peanut Butter and Bananas, Trail Mix, Oreos (yes they are dairy free), Dry Cheerios

My go-to for salty: Cape Cod Sweet Mesquite Reduced Fat BBQ Chips, Pita Chips with Hummus, Pickles, Tortilla chips with salsa/guacamole

My go-to for spicy: Habanero BBQ Almonds, Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds, Hard boiled eggs with Siracha (don’t knock it ’til you try it)

Dinner Ideas:
Scalloped Potatoes or Quiche or Stuffing (Holiday Recipes)
Crockkpot Chicken Phillies
Crockpot Pulled BBQ – seriously SO easy. 1 pork loin. 1 bottle BBQ. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Shred with a fork.
Fish or Shrimp Tacos – it is so much easier to eat a taco with fish and no cheese than a taco with chicken/beef
Escarole and Bean Pizza – okay, so will post my amazing recipe for this incredible pizza if you ask nicely =0)
27 Dairy Free Pizza Ideas
Stir Fry – veggies, meats, soy sauce, yum
Rotisserie Chicken Fajita Salad

Over 1200 Dairy Free Recipes from Go Dairy Free

If you are dairy free and miss cheese and are an ambitious cook in the kitchen, you should make me one of these cheeses. They are cheeses made from NUTS! Fancy that… nut cheese.

Signs and Symptoms of Mastitis

Last week I was sure I had the flu. Aches. Exhaustion. Headache. Fever.

One thing told me it probably wasn’t the flu though… and that was a big, sore, achy, fire filled breast.

I couldn’t touch it without flinching. I almost threw up from the extreme pain I felt when the water hit my chest in the shower. And when Annabelle nursed… I thought I was going to pass out.

Friday I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with Mastitis.

1549570_10202680997966867_1508641568_nWhat is Mastitis? It is an infection in your breast tissue that results in swelling, burning sensation, discomfort, warmth, and redness. Your breast may feel hard, engorged, and excruciatingly painful to touch. Symptoms can appear suddenly and mimic the flu. A fever of 101 may also be present. Generally, mastitis occurs within the first three months of breastfeeding. HOWEVER, clearly it can happen at any time since I’ve been BF for over 13 months. Mastitis is usually caused by a clogged duct or bacteria entering your breast from your skin or your baby’s mouth.

You should contact a doctor immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms. The doctor will most likely want to see you to diagnose you, but will also check to make sure there aren’t any abscesses or clogged ducts. My doctor found a tiny lump… and is sending me for an ultrasound… but hopefully it isn’t anything bad. Oral antibiotics, lots of nursing/pumping on the affected side, and warm moist compresses are the cure (You can read more here).

I’ve been on antibiotics for 6 days now and the pain has almost subsided. My breast is still a bit swollen, and if it is bumped the wrong way it hurts. Nursing Annabelle and pumping for the first few days was horribly uncomfortable and torturous. The pain was unreal – worse than anything I’ve ever experienced – but Motrin/Tylenol helped. Also, I have to make sure I drink TONS of water.

All breastfeeding Moms should be aware and informed about Mastitis. Know the symptoms and what to do if you start feeling run down. I can’t imagine having had Mastitis during the first few months of breastfeeding. I had enough issues with latching and soreness, so to put an infection on top of all that would’ve been discouraging and devastating. Sometimes women wean their children early if Mastitis arises. Don’t Do It! Stick through the pain and give your baby the nutrients he/she needs.