A’s First Taste of Rice Cereal

Annabelle Rice Cereal

This week we went to Annabelle’s four month check-up at the pediatrician. Her weight and height are great, she is as healthy as can be, and she only shed a few tears when she got her shots. The only concern I have with our little Princess right now is her poor sleep habits at night. The doctor said she should be dropping a night feeding by four months, but little Miss A still wakes up every 3 hours. The Doc suggested that we try giving her rice cereal at dinnertime with the hopes that her belly is totally full when she lays down for bedtime.

rice cereal

I knew from other Moms that rice cereal is not a favorite among the babies, but I thought I would give it a shot anyways. I picked up a cute bowl, baby spoons, and some Organic Rice Cereal at the store. Then B and I got the camera ready to capture Annabelle’s first taste.

rice cereal 2

Based on the photos above, I bet you can tell how much she liked it. After another failed attempt, and a secret spoonful in her bottle before bed, we have decided that there is no point in putting her through this torture. She didn’t sleep any longer after we put the rice cereal in her bottle and there isn’t any nutritional value in the stuff. We shall wait until she is 6 months to try food again. For now – she will stay on her strictly breastmilk diet!

Did you feed your baby rice cereal?

Annabelle’s First Easter

Annabelle's Easter

Annabelle’s first Easter was wonderful! Not that she is going to remember any of it, but her Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Brittany, Coco and Pop had a great day celebrating with her. We took her to Easter service at my inlaw’s church and we were all pleasantly surprised that the only time she became fussy was when she wanted to nurse. The church has a Nursing Room, so I was able to feed her in a comfy rocking chair. She seemed to enjoy the singing and music during the service, and even started to fall asleep during one of the final songs. However, the applause after each of the Baptisms woke her up.

After the service, we went home for a delicious Easter dinner cooked by my mother-in-law. We had roasted pork loin, rosemary and garlic potatoes, asparagus, artichoke shrimp salad, and cheddar biscuits.  Annabelle sat on her Aunt Brittany’s lap quite contentedly during dinner, so I was able to eat (hooray!), and had quite the time playing with her when we were finished. It was her first time meeting Aunt B and Annabelle thought she was so funny. Annabelle was showered with Easter gifts from my parents, her Coco and Pop, and us. Lots of toys, new stuffed friends, books, and even some clothes. The bestest part: the Easter bunny visited her Coco and Pop’s house – leaving his bunny tracks as evidence that he was there!






Easter baskets from Coco and Pop and Mommy and Daddy



Easter basket from Noni and Grampy in Connecticut






A’s Message to Harvey

1911673_10203223862938152_1893745143_nDear Easter Bunny,

How are you? I am doing just fine. It was so nice to meet you last month. I am writing you today, Good Friday, to let you know that I would like some new toys. I would also like some candy for my Mommy and a new book for my Daddy to read to me. If you do not bring me these items, Mcmuffin will be waiting for you… waiting eat you. Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you Sunday.