Friday Things

I should’ve named this post – my weekly adventures with Annabelle.

IMG_4773You know that saying – “I can’t even” – yah, that’s what life is like with a toddler. The worst part is that its only just the beginning of her mischievousness.

10838036_10206209568498925_3360843072654440668_oGoofball… literally a goof on a ball.

IMG_4769(1)A video accompanies this picture… it’s me singing “Do the nakey dance” and her dancing all around. Totally not appropriate for the blogworld, but worth mentioning.

FullSizeRender(10)Just call me Mamarazzi and her Annoyed

Sweet Pea with a Side of Sass

It is no joke that Annabelle has a fiery temper. She is, after all, a product of two fiery parents. Two years ago I wrote all about my ‘tude as a toddler. “She’s obstinate by precious,” My mom would say before reciting the rhyme: “There once was a girl with a curl…” to strangers if I smiled and waved like a perfect little princess to let them know the cuteness could be deceiving. I now know that she has inherited my lovely traits.

IMG_5302.CR2(1)Her new favorite word is, “NO NO NO” (in the cutest voice ever) when she doesn’t get her way. She likes to gracefully throw herself on the floor when she is upset, and then do what we call “the upside-down inch worm” all over the room. Our doctor says we are handling her temper tantrums the best way possible – by walking away from her insanity and leaving her to squirm around in a safe place.

IMG_5554She is bossy. She is independent. She is very particular about things. She hates crumbs, stray hairs, or hang nails. She is demanding. She is opinionated. She is SUCH a little spitfire with so much sass that I truly fear for our sanity during her teenage years.

IMG_5440But then… she smiles SO big sometimes that I can feel the joy radiating from her tiny body … and she hugs me tight like a spider monkey… and open mouth kisses my cheek…and dances in my arms to the music of her happiness. She goes from 0 to 100 and back to 0 so quickly that sometimes I can’t keep up. Honestly, the change in her personality is encouraging. If she was always happy-go-lucky, I would worry she would be taken advantage of someday. The fact that she is so strong willed makes me believe she will be a confident, powerful woman.

annabelles motto

Reflecting: Boston Marathon Bombing

BostonSource: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I wasn’t going to post today… since what happened two years ago isn’t something I really like to think about. But last week I was contacted by BBC 5 Live …. it was the day they announced the verdict of the Boston Marathon Bomber … and now the day has been fresh in my mind.

BBC 5 Live wanted to interview me on their live radio show with Phil Williams about my experience on April 15, 2013. I agreed, thinking they would ask me a few questions and we would call it a day. I was actually interviewed THREE times before the show aired, so by showtime, I thought I had my answers to their questions down pat.

After the first question, I became so emotional. My sister in law said she could hear my voice quivering, and if you were next to me, you’d see my hands shook badly. Talking publicly about the Boston Marathon Bombing awakened a lot of thoughts I had suppressed. Those “What if…?” questions I tried so hard to forget popped up in my mind.. What if we hadn’t moved? What if Melissa had been closer to the finish line? What if it happens again??? But then… Phil Williams asked about my daughter. He wanted to know how she was doing, since I was 8 weeks pregnant on the day of the bombing, and I realized that I needed to let it all go. To live in the now.

10845943_10100186942387937_1004957023889080688_nMy best friend is now married to the love of her life. She wore American flag Converse sneakers to show her love for our country. She is pretty amazing.

10857961_10100186943420867_290736670873046262_nMelissa ran in the Boston Marathon last year and finished with a smile on her face. I couldn’t be there to see her run, but I was so proud of her. She could have decided to never run again after the 2013 race, but she never let it stop her from doing what she loves.

10154365_980016132837_8157376887688718129_nMy daughter is now 16 months old and some day I believe I will bring her to Boston. I will show her where her Mommy and she stood when the bombs went off. I will tell her how we should’ve been right on the finish line, but a news crew told us to move so they could get a better shot of Andrew proposing. Everything happens for a reason and that day we walked away unharmed. Today I realize I will never forget what happened. I shouldn’t forget what happened. It reminds me to appreciate the life I live and all that is wonderful around me.

You can read all about the Boston Marathon Bombing here.