Friday Favorites

one. Christmas llamas.


It happened… I bought the Llama Sweater from J.Crew Factory and I am in LOVE. The Llamas kind of look like reindeer… or dogs… but whatever, its Holiday-ish and I have matching maroon cords to go with it.

two. inspiration. 

everything is going to be okNot that things haven’t been GREAT around here lately… but everyone needs a little Inspirational Book to keep on hand at their job/home/car in case a bad day strikes.

three. family.

family photoMy mom arrived on Tuesday and my sister and her boyfriend arrived last night I love when my family visits! We are missing my Dad and other sister Tine, and brother/sister-in-law/nephews, but we shall all be reunited when we fly up there for Christmas.

four. So long October, HELLOOOOO Santa.

keep-calm-christmasSorry October, but today is your last day of 2014. Tomorrow marks the FIRST day of November, which the month when I am allowed to decorate for Christmas. Granted I can’t officially start until after Thanksgiving (husbands request), it doesn’t mean that some cute Christmas-y decorations won’t find their way on display in our house.

five. bunny tails.

pottery barn kids rabbit costumeI bet you cannot WAIT to see what Annabelle is going to be wearing for tonight’s trick-or-treat festivities! I’ll give you a hint… it’s an animal who likes to hop and eat carrots.


5 on friday

It’s Never Too Early to Plan for the Holidays

Ahhh J.Crew Factory is always so sneaky… emailing me DAILY with some amazing deal or surprise or Free Shipping. They suck me in with those emails… but thankfully I can usually get out of buying everything by telling myself I need to save my $$ for something wonderful.

Today they sent an email praising their new arrivals and I already have 13 items in my shopping cart. Hopefully I will head to the outlet tomorrow and find some of these beauties for less than the website is offering (15% off for teachers!). It’s like they KNEW I was in the mood to plan my holiday outfits…

Holiday Outfits


Ooh La La Leggings!

Ooh La Leggings 1I have the hardest time finding leggings that fit Annabelle’s long skinny legs. I’ll find a cute pair that I love, but after three washes, the fabric looks worn and they look like highwaters on the Boochie Queen. Thankfully, Etsy is home to shops with all sorts of baby leggings – pants that are comfortable, stretchy, high quality, but inexpensive.

One of my new favorite Etsy shops is Ooh La Leggings. Their leggings are specially designed to be larger through the back to accommodate diapers and training underwear while staying cute and stylish. They are made from high quality cotton knit and soft spandex to assure babies stay warm and snug. They are comfy, cozy, and don’t stretch out by the end of a day spent crawling around like a maniac.

ooh la leggings 2

I have quickly decided that these are my favorite pair of leggings Annabelle owns. They are literally SO SOFT and didn’t stretch out by the end of the day. She crawled all over the house, in the grass, and sat on the front porch and the leggings still looked brand new. The adorable bear on the heiney is my favorite part, and I can’t wait to pair these leggings with a cute Fall dress!

Ooh La Leggings 4Ooh La Leggings began when shop owner Jenna decided she needed to share her favorite leggings with the world. Here is what she says:

I love this material. The first time I touched it I knew it would become a favorite article to wear on my daughter. At the time she was 6 months old. Whenever we would go out in her pink Rabbit leggings she would get SOOO many compliments. I never thought to turn it into a business though…Having a new baby, finishing my degree, having just sold our home and moved into a new one and running our pest control business, I couldn’t possibly fit one more thing on my plate. Fast forward two years…I posted a photo of my daughter on my Instagram and she was wearing her Mustard Goat Leggings. The response on these leggings was huge. My friends, who had seen her wear them multiple times, started commenting “Where can I buy these?” “My daughter needs these!” “I wish they made cute leggings for my son”… So, the wheels started turning in my mind. Why wouldn’t I share these leggings?!? That’s how my shop got started. It is small – for now – with just 10 styles (6 girl/4 boy styles) but the response is amazing. I have had thousands of Favorites on Etsy and the moms I have sold to want more. The most common response to these leggings has been “They are so much better in person than in the photos!”

Ooh La Leggings 3

 You can follow Ooh La Leggings on Facebook for updates on new items in the shop!

Use the code: SENDME4FREE = FREE Shipping on the cutest baby girl and baby boy leggings around!

Best of all, Ooh La Leggings is offering 20% off all orders with the code: 20FALL