Newborn Necessities

What you need for a baby is all relative – relative to your lifestyle and your particular baby’ preferences. Believe it or not, newborns have preferences. Preferences that take time and patience to figure out. We are still figuring out what Annabelle likes… however, we have a better idea now at almost 7 weeks old than we did before she was even born. 

There are some important items that we couldn’t have survived without. Items that ALL babies need from the day they are born: diapers, wipes, clothes, and something for the baby to sleep in. They also need a car seat, baby wash, diaper cream, and feeding supplies (boob or formula).

OTHER THAN THAT – in my opinion, the rest is totally up to you to figure out. 
When B and I made our registry , I went off the suggestions of bloggers, family, and friends on what we would need for our little one. The list that I made for our registry dates was SO long. In the end, we didn’t get half of the stuff on our registry and I had to return a ton of stuff.
  I am beginning to think gift cards are the way to go…  
After spending almost 7 weeks with Annabelle, I have narrowed down the items that Lady A (and Mommy and Daddy) prefer. My list is obviously Lady A specific, but please feel free to use it!

Newborn Necessities

1. Diaper Genie – this contraption is a lifesaver. Lady A’s diapers stink!
After some trial and error (aka explosions), we use Huggies Little Swaddlers diapers and Target Brand Sensitive Skin Diaper Wipes. 
2. Rock – N – Play – one of the items that was recommended to us and one of the items that we swear by. Granted she only likes to sleep it in for the first part of the night, we use it for nap time during the day. 
3. Sound Machine – drowns out noise in the house and plays our ipods! Our little one actually sleeps best when there is noise in the background.
4. Moby Wrap – our little one usually falls right to sleep when I wear her in a wrap! Any brand works I’m sure. We just started using a Moby and I have been able to accomplish more during the day. We have the Baby Bjorn, but it hurts my back – we’re keeping it for Daddy to use. 
5. Zip-up Sleep N Play (w/ feet) – buttons and snaps are no joke when you’re half asleep, the baby is screaming, and somehow she has pooped up her front and back. Anything with a zipper and feets (so she can’t kick off her socks) is great. 
6. Dr. Brown’s Bottles – we tried out three brands before buying Dr. Brown’s bottles. We only use bottles with my pumped milk every so often, but when we do, these bottles are great because they don’t drip,  or release too much milk so she chokes. 
Of course I’ll mention the items we bought that she doesn’t like: 
The swing, swaddle blankets (still working on this), pack-n-play, and all types of pacifiers, except the ones from the hospital.

What did you/do you find necessary for your baby?


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    Completely agree with all of these! We had to use the Breastflow bottles though for my pumped milk. They were the only ones he would like! Oh, and I wouldn’t have survived without my boppy pillow! I still use it all the time! Great post! Thanks ! :)

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    I love the zip up pjs. I tried layettes too but Jack seems to be to big for newborns and small for 0-3. Im hoping when he gets bigger late night changes will be easier for us! I haven’t had a ton of success with Doctor Browns. Avent bottles have worked great for us!

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    My little man did not like the swing until he was about 8-9 weeks old, and then he loved it and it was a lifesaver. Somethings like that you should try at different stages, is what I was told. I guess a lot of babies don’t like it right away but like it once they’re a little older. (And I read why, but I can’t remember where or what now.)

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    I def agree with the majority of what you have because I have the same thing for Miss Lily ha. We also use a sleeper swaddle that the hospital gave us and it’s great because it grows with your baby! She tends to sleep pretty well when she’s in her rock and play too. xo

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